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Prerequisites - Appalachian College of Pharmacy

Prerequisite Courses

Applicants must have completed all following prerequisite coursework to be eligible for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program. These prerequisites can be completed at the institution of your choosing. All prerequisites must be completed before students Can attend Appalachian College of Pharmacy. (In addition, it is recommended that all prerequisite coursework be completed within five calendar years immediately preceding the time of application to the program.)

Prerequisite CoursesRequired Credit Hours
General Biology with Lab8.0 Sem. Hrs.*
College Chemistry with Lab8.0 Sem. Hrs.*
Organic Chemistry with Lab8.0 Sem. Hrs.*
College Physics with Lab4.0 Sem. Hrs.
Advanced Biological Science4.0 Sem. Hrs.**
Human Anatomy3.0 Sem. Hrs.
Human Physiology3.0 Sem. Hrs.
General Microbiology3.0 Sem. Hrs.
English Composition6.0 Sem. Hrs.*
College Mathematics6.0 Sem. Hrs.***
Electives19.0 Sem. Hrs.****
Total72.0 Sem. Hrs.

*Two semesters terms or three quarters terms.
**Advanced Biological Science (e.g. physics II / lab, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, genetics, others)
***The mathematics component must include a minimum of three semester hours of calculus. The calculus requirement can be fulfilled with Analytical Geometry and Differential Calculus, Calculus I, Basic Calculus, etc. 
****In order to fulfill the Electives requirement, an applicant must complete at least one course in social/behavioral sciences (three semester credits), such as psychology or sociology, one course in the humanities/fine arts (three semester credits), such as literature, art or music, and at least one course in mathematics/sciences (three semester credits), such as economics. Humanities courses are to be content-based courses rather than skilled-based courses, such as English Composition or a foreign language course. Skill-based courses will not fulfill the Humanities requirements. The remaining four semester credits can be fulfilled by the completion of any of the three categories described above.

Applicants may not exclude any part of their college-level educational history. An applicant who fails to report all institutions attended will forfeit his/her eligibility for admission to Appalachian College of Pharmacy or may be dismissed. Records and documents submitted for admission to Appalachian College of Pharmacy will not be returned.