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ACP offers a sequence of courses designed to lead to a doctor of pharmacy degree. Requirements for the PharmD degree include:

Completion of a minimum of 140 credits, including more than 1,700 hours of experiential coursework

Three academic years leading to the PharmD degree in Virginia’s only accelerated pharmacy program

Maintain a cumulative grade point average of C (2.0) or better in order to progress and graduate

Service Learning

ACP students complete a variety of service learning experiences through our Pharmacists in Community Service (PICS) program prior to graduation.

The PICS program is a mandatory part of the Doctor of Pharmacy program and requires that all students complete 100 hours of community service over their three-year enrollment in the Doctor of Pharmacy program. Students must complete a minimum of 75 hours of community service by the end of the first two years of the program, prior to beginning their Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotations.

Some of these service
opportunities include:

Remote Area Medical (RAM) health fairs offer free medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy care at a number of locations throughout the year.

The Health Wagon provides pharmacy supplies and counseling free for the surrounding region.

Mountain Care Center clinic dispenses free maintenance medication to patients who qualify.

The International Outreach Program offers week long mission trips to the Dominican Republic and El Salvador.

Annual ACP Health Expo provides free health screenings on campus for the community.

Regular health screenings, including blood pressure and glucose testing, offered at various area businesses.

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PharmD Courses

PHA 0105 (3 Credits) Introduction to Pharmacy, Communications, and Health Care Systems

PHA 0124 (6 Credits) Pharmaceutical Principles

PHA 0126 (6 Credits) Foundations I

PHA 0140 (2 Credits) Communication and Professional Development

PHA 0175 (1 Credit) Pharmaceutics Lab I

PHA 0202 (3 Credits) Applied Clinical Pharmacokinetics

PHA 1002 (0 Credit) Interprofessional Education (IPE) Experience I

PHA 1007 (1 Credit) EPPE I: Skills Lab and Training

PHA 1124 (0.5 Credit) Top Medication 1

Total Credits: 22.5 hours

PHA 0111 (1.5 Credits) Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology

PHA 0136 (3 Credits) Foundations II

PHA 0137 (3 Credits) Foundations III

PHA 0153 (5 Credits) Foundations IV

PHA 0167 (3.5 Credits) Foundations V

PHA 0184 (4 Credits) Non Prescription Drugs, Devices, and Skills Lab (OTC)

PHA 1004 (0 Credit) Interprofessional Education (IPE) Experience II

PHA 1125 (0.5 Credit) Top Medications 2

Total Credits: 21.5 hours

PHA 0195 (0 Credit) P1 Milestone Examination

PHA 0210 (3 Credits) Drug Information, Clinical Research, and Biostatistics

PHA 0218 (1 Credit) Jurisprudence and Pharmacy Law

PHA 0221 (3 Credits) Pharmacotherapy of Infectious Diseases I

PHA 0237 (4 Credits) Foundations V

PHA 2010 (3 Credits) CPPE (Community)

PHA 2020 (3 Credits) CPPE (Hospital)

PHA 2045 (1 Credit) CPPE Primer for Pharmacy Students

PHA 2124 (0.5 Credit) Top Medications 3

PHA 4000 (1 Credit) **Elective

Total Credits: Up to 19.5 hours

PHA 0222 (3 Credits) Diseases of the Renal System and Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders

PHA 0223 (2.5 Credits) Pharmacotherapy of Immune System Disorders

PHA 0241 (3 Credits) Pharmacotherapy of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases I

PHA 0243 (3 Credits) Pharmacotherapy of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases II

PHA 0260 (1 Credit) Advanced Pharmaceutics Lab

PHA 0264 (2 Credits) Pharmacotherapy of Endocrine System Diseases

PHA 0276 (2 Credits) Pharmacist Patient Care Process II

PHA 0281 (3 Credits) Pharmacotherapy of Neurological System and Disorders

PHA 1005 (0 Credit) Interprofessional Education (IPE) Experience III

PHA 2030 (1 Credit) EPPE II A & Forum

PHA 2125 (05. Credit) Top Medications 4

PHA 4000 (1 Credit) **Elective

Total Credits: Up to 22 hours

PHA 0226 (3 Credits) Pharmacotherapy of Infectious Diseases II

PHA 0252 (3.5 Credits) Diseases of the Hematological System and Oncological Disorders

PHA 0275 (4.5 Credits) GI Diseases and Disorders of Nutrition and Metabolism

PHA 0288 (1 Credit) Pharmacist Patient Care Process III

PHA 0289 (3 Credits) Pharmacotherapy of Psychological Disorders

PHA 0294 (3 Credits) Pharmacotherapeutic Considerations in Special Populations

PHA 1006 (0 Credit) Interprofessional Education (IPE) Experience IV

PHA 2126 (0.5 Credit) Top Medications 5

PHA 4000 (1 Credit) **Electives

Total Credits: Up to 19.5 hours

PHA 0215 (3 Credits) Pharmacy Administration

PHA 0298 (0 Credit) P2 Milestone Exam

PHA 0304 (3 Credits) Advanced Jurisprudence & Pharmacy Law

PHA 3010 (1 Credit) APPE Primer for Pharmacy Students

PHA 3020 (5 Credits) APPE Hospital / Health (Institutional)

PHA 3025 (0 Credit) Pharmacy Knowledge Recitation and Assessment I

PHA 3030 (5 Credits) APPE Community Patient Care

Total Credits: 17 hours 

PHA 3040 (5 Credits) APPE Ambulatory Care

PHA 3045 (0 Credit) Pharmacy Knowledge Recitation and Assessment II

PHA 3050 (5 Credits) APPE Acute Care

PHA 3060 (5 Credits) Elective

Total Credits: 15 hours 

PHA 0398 (0 Credit) P3 Milestone Exam

PHA 3065 (0 Credit) Pharmacy Knowledge Recitation and Assessment III

PHA 3070 (5 Credits) APPE Elective

PHA 3080 (5 Credits) APPE Elective

PHA 3090 (5 Credits) APPE Elective

Total Credits: 15 hours 

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