Enrollment Requirements

Before you can begin your journey to your Doctor of Pharmacy, we have some requirements that must be met.

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Enrollment Requirements

Before you can begin your journey to your Doctor of Pharmacy, we have some requirements that must be met. Many of these are required of all healthcare professionals, so consider this a step toward your career.


Students admitted to Appalachian College of Pharmacy will receive a letter informing them of their acceptance. If the student accepts the offer a $200 first seat deposit by the specified date in the letter is required. A second seat deposit of $200 is due by March 15th to continue holding their acceptance. If acceptance is offered after March 15th, a full seat deposit of $400 will be required. The first and second seat deposits are credited toward the fall semester tuition upon enrollment. Admitted students may cancel in writing prior to the first day of class in order to receive a refund of all moneys paid less a nonrefundable fee not to exceed $100.


Students are involved in direct patient care during enrollment at Appalachian College of Pharmacy, and, therefore, are at risk for potential exposure to infectious materials and patients. Therefore, precautions are required to protect patients, students, and other health professionals. Applicants must provide records documenting all required immunizations prior to enrollment. Refer to the immunization form and schedule for more details.

Official Transcript(s)

Appalachian College of Pharmacy requires official transcript(s) from all colleges and universities that applicants have attended for your student file. Copies previously sent to PharmCas cannot be considered official. Please have electronic copies sent to admissions@acp.edu or hard copies send to:

Appalachian College of Pharmacy 
Attn: Admissions 
1060 Dragon Road 
Oakwood, VA 24631

Photo ID

Appalachian College of Pharmacy requires a copy of a state issued identification card or a Passport upon enrollment.

Criminal Background Check

Appalachian College of Pharmacy requires that all accepted applicants provide authorization for a criminal background check, to be conducted by Certiphi Screening, Inc prior to enrollment. An authorization form will be provided to students.  Refer to Appalachian College of Pharmacy’s criminal background check policy for more details.

Health Insurance

Accepted applicants are required to obtain and maintain health insurance while enrolled at Appalachian College of Pharmacy. Verification of health insurance will be required at the beginning of each term; policies must be active in order for students to complete course registration.

Intern Licensure through the Virginia Board of Pharmacy

The Appalachian College of Pharmacy requires that accepted applicants become licensed as pharmacy interns with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy (VBP). Applicants who have any of the following conditions should check with VBP to determine if they are eligible for a pharmacy intern license:

  • Diagnosis or treatment in the last five years for a mental illness or a physical condition that would impair your ability to perform any of the essential functions of your license, including alcohol or substance abuse;
  • Misdemeanor or felony charges, arrests, or convictions;
  • Previous administrative action, whether completed or pending;
  • Suspension, revocation, surrender, or other discipline against the license, including any action that was not made public.

Deferred Admission

Accepted seat deposited applicants who request a deferral of their offer of admission are required to make a written request by July 1. Deferral requests are reviewed by the admissions committee and, if granted, admission will be deferred for one year. If the deferment request is granted, applicants will be required to submit a second seat deposit of $200 by March 15th of the year of admission as well as all official academic transcript(s) for coursework completed at that point in time.