Caterina Hernandez, PhD


Assistant Professor in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department


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Dr. Caterina Hernandez serves the college as an Assistant Professor in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department.

She obtained a bachelor of the arts science degree in biology at Kalamazoo College with support from the John T. Williamson Memorial Scholarship and was named a Diebold Scholar for her senior research project examining parasite resistance to anti-helminthics. She completed her graduate studies at The University Georgia College of Pharmacy’s Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Program, earning a PhD for her work on the role of repeated nicotine exposure to the brain’s cholinergic system and memory function using rodents as models of human disease. For the clinical research component of her degree at the Medical College of Georgia, she investigated the incidence of microalbuminuria in pediatric patients with sickle cell disease. Her graduate work was funded by grants from the American Psychological Association, the National Institutes of Mental Health, and the American Federation for Pharmaceutical Education.

Dr. Hernandez pursued intensive postdoctoral training in neurobiology and molecular and cellular neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and University of Texas Medical Branch, focusing on genetic models of human brain disorders in animals. During her time in Texas, she actively supported STEM outreach programs and mentored middle school students. Before joining ACP, Dr. Hernandez conducted research as an Assistant Professor in Pharmacology and Toxicology at Augusta University’s School of Medicine and served as the Director of the Small Animal Behavior Core. She also mentored and taught undergraduate students, reinforcing her keen interest in pursuing STEM outreach activities within the local community. With grant support from American Psychological Association, National Institutes of Mental Health, BRAINS and intramural funds, she has published numerous articles in high-impact peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Hernandez is a Michigan native who relishes visits from her snowbird parents and spending time with friends. She also enjoys traveling, exploring local festivals, hiking, cooking, and listening to Motown.