Randall C. Cole, PharmD


Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice


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Randall C. Cole PharmD

ACP Class of 2014. Recipient of The Mylan Institute of Pharmacy 2014 Excellence in Pharmacy Award. Completed ACP’s PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Residency program 2014-15. Upon completion of residency program, practiced as a staff pharmacist and coordinated clinical pharmacy services in a small group of 5 locally owned community pharmacies in KY and VA.

Current Assistant Pharmacy Professor at Appalachian College of Pharmacy. Primary practice is the Mountain Care Center Pharmacy (MCC). The MCC is a clinic/pharmacy with the primary purpose of serving the surrounding communities’ medically underserved. The MCC Pharmacy helps patients, who qualify for services, obtain prescription medications and access to preventative wellness services at no cost.

Professional interests include community and international outreach, chronic disease state management, especially common disease states that affect the Appalachian region (Diabetes, Cholesterol, Hypertension, obesity), Medication Therapy Management (MTM), and patient centered community based research

I enjoy the outdoors playing music with friends as much as possible. Native to Grundy, Virginia and plan to call Grundy home for the rest of my life!!!