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Course Catalog - Appalachian College of Pharmacy

ACP offers a sequence of courses designed to lead to a doctor of pharmacy degree. Requirements for the PharmD degree include completion of a minimum of 140 credits, including more than 1,700 hours of experiential
coursework, and three academic years of full-time residence. In addition, a student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of C (2.0) or better in order to progress and graduate.

Credit Hour Policy
For didactic classes, credit hours are typically awarded at a ratio of approximately 18 hours of class time to 1 hour
of credit. For laboratory and experiential courses, credit is awarded at a ratio of 40 contact hours for 1 hour of credit. The Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Assessment is responsible for implementation of the Credit Hour Policy.

PharmD Course of Study:

P1 curriculum

Fall Semester:
PHA 0104 6 Credits Introduction to Pharmacy, Communications, and Health Care Systems
PHA 0126 6 Credits Foundations I
❖ PHA 0127 6 Credits Foundations II
❖ PHA 0123 2 Credits Pharmaceutical Calculations
PHA 0158 3 Credits Foundations III
PHA 1008 0 Credits EPPE I: Skills Lab and Training
❖ PHA 1002 0 Credits Interprofessional Education (IPE) Experience I
Total Credits: 23 hours

Spring Semester:
❖ PHA 0156 4 Credits Foundations IV
PHA 0175 1 Credit Pharmaceutics Lab I
PHA 0129 3 Credits Pharmaceutical Principles
PHA 0202 3 Credits Applied Clinical Pharmacokinetics
PHA 0184 4 Credits Non Prescription Drugs, Devices, and Skills Lab (OTC)
PHA 0186 1 Credits Pharmacist Patient Care Process I
PHA 0236 4 Credits Foundations V
❖ PHA 1004 0 Credits Interprofessional Education (IPE) Experience II
PHA 1010 1 Credit EPPE I
Total Credits: 20 hours

P2 curriculum

Summer Semester:
PHA 0236 5 Credits Foundations V
PHA 0239 3 Credits Foundations VI
PHA 2010 3 Credits CPPE I
PHA 2020 3 Credits CPPE II
PHA 4000 1 Credit **Electives
Total Credits: Up to 15 hours

Fall Semester:
PHA 0195 0 Credits P1 Milestone Examination
PHA 0222 3 Credits Diseases of the Renal System and Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders
PHA 0228 6 Credits Pharmacotherapy of Infectious Diseases
❖ PHA 0224 3 Credits Pharmacotherapy of Immune System Disorders
PHA 0246 6 Credits Pharmacotherapy of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases
PHA 0264 2 Credits Pharmacotherapy of Endocrine System Diseases
PHA 0286 2 Credits Pharmacist Patient Care Process II
PHA 0260 1 Credit Advanced Pharmaceutics Lab
❖ PHA 1005 0 Credits Interprofessional Education (IPE) Experience III
PHA 2030 1 Credit EPPE II A & Forum
PHA 4000 1 Credit **Electives
Total Credits: Up to 26 hours

Spring Semester:
PHA 0270 5 Credits Diseases of the Hematological System and Oncological Disorders
PHA 0277 5 Credits Integrated GI Diseases and Disorders of Nutrition and Metabolism
PHA 0283 6 Credits Pharmacotherapy of Neurological System and Psychiatric Disorders
PHA 0294 3 Credits Pharmacotherapeutic Considerations in Special Populations
PHA 0288 1 Credit Pharmacist Patient Care Process III
❖ PHA 1006 0 Credits Interprofessional Education (IPE) Experience IV
PHA 4000 1 Credit **Electives
Total Credits: Up to 22 hours

P3 curriculum

Summer Semester:
PHA 0215 3 Credits Pharmacy Administration
PHA 0304 3 Credits Advanced Jurisprudence & Pharmacy Law
PHA 0298 0 Credits P2 Milestone Exam
PHA 0297 1 Credits P2 Capstone Course
Total Credits: 7 hours (Summer term includes APPE-I for total of 13 hours)
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences: I through VI:
PHA 3022 6 Credits Hospital/Health System Pharmacy
PHA 3032 6 Credits Community Patient Care
PHA 3042 6 Credits Ambulatory Care
PHA 3052 6 Credits Acute Care Inpatient General Medicine
PHA 3062 6 Credits APPE Elective
PHA 3072 6 Credits APPE Elective
PHA 0380 0 Credits Comprehensive Pharmacy Knowledge and Assessment
Total Credits: 36 hours (Fall semester includes APPE II-IV for 18 hours; Spring term includes APPE V-VI and
P3 Capstone and Milestone for 12 hours)

*Curricular organization and course numbers are subject to change with advanced notice.
** A total of 2 credit hours of electives
❖ Designates a new course or credit hour change to course