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Appalachian College of Pharmacy

Student Organizations

ACP provides a number of opportunities for students to gain leadership experience and get involved in the profession of pharmacy. These leadership skills built during your college education can lead to greater success in your future career.

Apothecary Medicinal Plant Society

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Apothecary Medicinal Plant Society is to unite the faculty, students, and staff of the Appalachian College of Pharmacy in order to foster an increase in awareness, knowledge, and understanding of medicinal plants and their properties and uses for health benefits. We will explore the roots of our profession as well as the multi-cultural traditions that use medicinal plants. We wish to share what we learn with each other, and with the community, in order to become better pharmacists and to provide a valuable informed outreach in this increasingly popular area of public health interest to promote better health outcomes in the Appalachian Region.

Membership in the Apothecary Medicinal Plant Society is open to all students of the Appalachian College of Pharmacy. Members of the faculty, staff, and alumni may also join as associate members.

Annually $25 or per semester $15

Poison Prevention is our focused outreach in addition to increasing awareness and understanding about medicinal plants and their uses for better health. We are sponsored with materials by Blue Ridge Poison Center in Charlottesville.

Current and Future Projects:
Nature walks – Appalachian native medicinal plants (Fall & Spring)
Qi gong lessons- Traditional Chinese Medicine/relaxation
Establish Medicinal Plant Garden at ACP
Satellite herb gardens: Buchanan Co. Public Library (2010-2011)
Riverwalk- Downtown Grundy (2011)
Nature trail by Buchanan General Hospital (future)
Posters on medicinal herbs & treatment of specific conditions
Poster Presentation/conference/competition (future)
Imagination Library  Basket Raffle Fundraiser (annual event)
Newsletter for Pharmacists reference on OTC Herbal s(Web based)
Cookbook- focus on Cultural Cuisines of other countries/ herbs
International Cuisine Cookout/Grill
Spring Retreat
Duck Race
Relay for Life


Andrea Dischner

Vice President
Brandon Davidson

Chief Financial Officer
Jimmy Osborne, P2

James Jasis

Committee Coordinator
Jennifer Tran, P2

Faculty Liaison
Ryan Beltz, P2

Emily Ellis

Plant Chair
Elizabeth Gentry

Community Chairperson
Josmi Thomas

Meeting Schedule

3rd Tuesday/month at Noon – (changes are TBA)
P2 breakout room @ 1st floor of the new Academic Bldg.


AMPS Constitution

Organization Advisors
Dr. Randy Mullins & Dr. Quamrun Masuda

American Pharmacists Association–Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP): ACP Chapter

The American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) Appalachian College of Pharmacy Chapter members strive to serve the rural and underserved communities in our country and throughout the world. APhA-ASP ACP Chapter commits to improve medication use and advance patient care by:

  • Providing a common thread between pharmacists, student pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Educating and influencing legislators, policy makes, regulators, and the public to advance our mission and vision.
  • Seeking continuous academic excellence and professional development at the highest standard.
  • Enhancing social and academic learning while developing character and citizenship skills.


  • To provide professional and medication related services to community members in and around Buchanan county and nationwide.
  • To provide the opportunity for professional growth within ACP students and faculty while promoting the future of pharmacy.
  • To create new standards of leadership, professionalism, membership and patient care.
  • To promote legislative advocacy among student pharmacists at ACP and nationwide.


President: Marilyn Gonzalez 

Membership Vice President: Ike Ihewunwa

Policy Vice President: Christopher Clark

Communications Vice President: Kelsy Panella

Finance Vice President: Josmi Thomas

Patient Care Vice President: Jordan Richardson

Generation Rx: Amber Adams

Operation Heart: Courtney Sims

State Association Liaison: Sarah Paharsingh

Operation Diabetes: Abigail Leigh

Operation Immunizations: Christianna Tran

International Vice President: Mehbuba Rahman

Secretary: Kourtney McGrady

Meeting Schedule

There are no meetings scheduled at this time.

Organization Advisors
Dr. Todd Carter & Dr. Ingo Engels

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists: ACP Chapter

Meeting Schedule

Executive Officers Meetings: 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, 4:00pm
General Meetings: 4th Monday of the month, 4:30pm

Organization Advisors
Dr. Ann Hylton & Dr. Rebecca Spivey

Fellowship of Christian Pharmacists

“Uniting Pharmacists and students at the Appalachian College of Pharmacy. It is the mission of the Fellowship of Christian Pharmacists to provide fellowship, bible study, and prayer to enrich our walk with the Lord, Jesus Christ. We also seek to encourage the advancement of knowledge and ethics in pharmacy practice and to promote community outreach to the Appalachian region.”


President: Mikka Sowards

Vice President: Shiela Norris

Secretary: Emily Ellis

Treasurer: Ashleigh Harris

Historian and Recruiter: Elizabeth Dorsu

Community Outreach Coordinator: Josmi Thomas

Meeting Schedule

There are no meetings scheduled at this time.

Organization Advisors
Dr. Randy Mullins, Dr. Todd Carter, Dr. Kurt Vanden Bosch, & Mr. Wade McGeorge

Kappa Psi (ΚΨ): Epsilon Delta Chapter

As the first national pharmaceutical fraternity, Kappa Psi is now the largest pharmaceutical fraternity with members who are actively practicing in many facets of pharmacy. Many prominent individuals in the profession of pharmacy, both locally and nationally, are members of Kappa Psi. Known as an international professional fraternity, Kappa Psi strives to promote the field of pharmacy through the benefits of fraternal affiliation and innovation.

The Foundation of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity reinforces itself on the four cornerstones of Fellowship, Industry, Sobriety, and High Ideals. These four values distinguish a member of Kappa Psi and holds him to a higher standard that other organizations try to model after. As a member of Kappa Psi, other individuals of the pharmacy profession hold you in higher regard and expect only the best.

The objectives of Kappa Psi are:
(a) To conduct a professional fraternal organization for the mutual benefit of its members;
(b) To develop industry, sobriety, and fellowship;
(c) To foster high ideals, scholarship, and pharmaceutical research;
(d) To support all projects which will advance the profession of pharmacy and to actively participate in them;
(e) To inspire in its members a deep and lasting pride in their Fraternity and in the profession of pharmacy;
(f) To render such other services to its members and its profession as may seem feasible and as may be in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of the Fraternity.

Our major activities include philanthropy and fundraising events, community service including healthcare related activities, social events and sharing in many other Brotherhood activities with a main focus on having fun, developing professionally, and serving the community. We also focus highly on scholastic achievement and leadership. Many of our Brothers are leaders in other organizations.


Regent: Oluwabunmi (Bunmi) Akintonde

Vice Regent: Abdul-Jelil Tagoe

Secretary: Oluwadamilola (Dami) Odedele

Treasurer: Vivien Pham

Sergeant at Arms: Matthew Clevenger

Chaplain: Courtney Sims

Historian: Kourtney McGrady

Professional Works Chairperson: Meredith (Brooke) Reagan

Pledge Educator: Amber Adams

Pledge Educator: Marvin Henson

Webmaster: John Ukandu

Social Chairperson: Andrea Dischner

Meeting Schedule

All meetings are closed.

Please contact an officer for more information.

Organization Advisors
Dr. Randy Mullins, Dr. Samir Abdelfattah, Dr. Todd Carter, & Dr. Ingo Engels

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA): ACP Student Chapter

We are a student chapter of the national pharmacy association that represents independent community pharmacists in the Appalachia region. We are dedicated to educating ourselves about rural independent community pharmacy.  We are committed to quality pharmaceutical care and maintaining and promoting the health and well being of the public we serve through community service projects.  Also, we value the right to petition the appropriate legislative and regulatory bodies to serve the needs of those we represent.  We are committed to defending our interests in the political arena.


  • Create a quarterly chapter newsletter.
  • Establish working relationships with community pharmacies in the Appalachian region.
  • Perform community service projects that promote public health.
  • Provide student members with current information regarding issues pertaining to community pharmacy.
  • Empower the community to become political advocates in their healthcare.
  • Encourage the community to become politically aware of issues regarding their healthcare.


President: Walid Nazari

Vice President: Andrea Dischner

Secretary: Courtney Sims

Treasurer: Marvin Henson

PICS Chairperson: Kieu-Lan Le

Meeting Schedule

Meetings for officers will be held bi-monthly on Wednesdays and the general meeting will be held once monthly. Events will be scheduled in accordance with the Student Leadership Council calendar.

Organization Advisors
Dr. Shamly Abdelfattah & Dr. Richard Nicholas

Phi Delta Chi (ΦΔΧ) Gamma Gamma Chapter

Phi Delta Chi pharmacy fraternity develops leaders to advance the profession of pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi, a lifelong experience, promotes scholastic, professional, and social growth in its Brothers. We strive to provide quality services to our patients, thereby advancing public health and strengthening ourselves as health professionals.

Phi Delta Chi Brothers seek enhanced professional and personal success and satisfaction. Phi Delta Chi helps both pharmacy students and pharmacists improve personal and professional skills, inspiring confidence and character and providing insight into human nature. Phi Delta Chi encourages Brothers to develop as leaders, as excellent pharmacists, and as wellrounded citizens. Excellent pharmacists are the most important product of Phi Delta Chi. In our union, we are Brothers for Life.

The best health care requires pharmacists committed to providing pharmaceutical care. Phi Delta Chi Brothers aim to improve the health of their patients through the delivery of optimal pharmaceutical care. The crowning glory of all Phi Delta Chi Brothers is to serve. By training, educating, preparing, and connecting excellent pharmacists, Phi Delta Chi advances the public health and the profession.

As a national organization, Phi Delta Chi strives to improve its programs to better serve our Brothers, our profession, and the public. Each Brother strives to improve as a person and as a pharmacist. We all strive to reach more Brothers by expanding to more colleges of pharmacy. And we strive to strengthen our local and national bonds with alumni Brothers across the country.

Phi Delta Chi is America’s first professional fraternity in pharmacy. Since 1883, we have worked to advance the profession of pharmacy and its allied interests, and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among our Brothers. We intend to continue to be first as a source of progress for the profession. These primary programs will improve our Brothers and their communities:

  • Programs to recognize excellence among collegiate and alumni Brothers and Chapters.
  • The Prescott Leadership Award for excellence in a young pharmacist.
  • Training and education programs to improve therapeutic, leadership, and management skills of pharmacy students and pharmacists.
  • Professional and service programs to help the community.
  • Communication programs and publications to link all Brothers.
  • Fraternal programs to foster our Brotherhood.

Officers and Pledges

Worthy Chief Counselor: Walid Nazari

Worthy Vice Counselor: Ronald (Ethan) Prater

Worthy Keeper of Finance: Kristine (Catie) Powers

Worthy Master of Arms: Elizabeth Gentry

Worthy Inner Guard: Marilyn Gonzalez

Worthy Prelate: Christianna Tran

Worthy Alumni Liaison: Ashleigh Harris

Worthy Correspondent: Anwar Hussain

Worthy Keeper of records and seals: Hyunjo Lee

St. Jude’s Chairperson: Josmi Thomas

Meeting Schedule

All meetings are closed.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding meetings.

Organization Advisors
Dr. Charles Breese & Dr. Ajay Singh

PLS – Phi Lambda Sigma
Pharmacy Leadership Society

Phi Lambda Sigma is a fraternity comprised of members that are actively involved in advancing the profession of pharmacy through leadership, professionalism, high moral and ethical character  and academic good standing.

Nomination for membership emanates from the present members of the Society. Prospective members are nominated on the basis of their demonstration of dedication, service and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy. By promoting such recognition, Phi Lambda Sigma provides an incentive for the development of future leadership potential for the profession.

Please contact a current member for more information on Phi Lambda Sigma.


President: Jennifer Shin

Vice President: Sarah Butler

Secretary: Ashley Scott

Treasurer: Hillary Brashear

PLS Mission, Goals, Objectives

To support pharmacy leadership commitment by recognizing leaders and fostering leadership development

Goal 1:
Ensure the continuing availability of student and practitioner leaders for the profession of pharmacy.

  1. Develop awareness of the continuing need for leaders in the profession of pharmacy
  2. Promote opportunities and rewards for leadership in the profession of pharmacy
  3. Motivate student pharmacists and pharmacists to accept leadership service opportunities
  4. Promote leadership research


Goal 2:
Acknowledge leadership achievement and award membership to leaders recommended by the Society

  1. Strengthen recognition of Phi Lambda Sigma as the leadership honor society in pharmacy
  2. Promote the national awareness and visibility of Phi Lambda Sigma by linking membership and leadership achievement
  3. Build a sound membership base of students, alumni, faculty, and honorary members.


Goal 3:
Enhance the talent, skill, and effectiveness of leaders for the profession of pharmacy

  1. Support and encourage programs and services to assist those who desire to serve in a leadership role


Goal 4:
Support and encourage sustained leadership commitment

  1. Ensure the continued utilization of the talents, skills, and experiences of existing leaders
  2. Reward students and practitioners who serve the profession in a sustained leadership role

Meeting Schedule

There are no meetings scheduled at this time.

Organization Advisors
Dr. Susan Mayhew & Dr. Shamly Abdelfattah

Delta Alpha Chapter of the Rho Chi Honor Society in Pharmacy

The Rho Chi Society encourages and recognizes excellence in intellectual achievement and advocates critical inquiry in all aspects of pharmacy. The Society further encourages high standards of conduct and character and fosters fellowship among its members.

The Society seeks universal recognition of its members as lifelong intellectual leaders in pharmacy, and as a community of scholars, to instill the desire to pursue intellectual excellence and critical inquiry to advance the profession.

Download Rho Chi Society Bylawys here.


Meeting Schedule

There are no meetings scheduled at this time.

Organization Advisors
Dr. Donna Adkins & Dr. Charles Breese

Student Government Association (SGA)


  • Promote the interests of the students of the Appalachian College of Pharmacy.
  • Secure cooperation among the students, faculty , staff, and the administration.
  • Plan and conduct student activities.


The SGA will:

      • Provide the College’s students with social and community service events intended to enhance student involvement;
      • Create a bond of respect and friendship among students, professors and faculty through planned events;
      • Work together as a student organization to establish a common goal;
      • Enhance scholarship among students by example;
      • Develop self-confidence and enhance leadership skills among SGA members through event planning and coordination;
      • Develop communication skills during student, or faculty, interactions;
      • And enhance social and career networking.


Class of 2014
Class of 2015
Class of 2016

Meeting Schedule

The SGA shall meet on the first Monday of every month or when it is deemed necessary by a unanimous vote of the council.


Organization Advisors
Mr. Jason McGlothlin & Mr. Wade McGeorge

Student Leadership Council


  • The SLC will provide all the College’s organizations with guidance in leadership, management, and communication among organizations.
  • Create a bond of respect and friendship among students, faculty, and administration through social, professional, and community service events;
  • Work together as a united student organization toward common goals;
  • Encourage the development of leadership and communication skills among students;
  • Coordinate event schedules among all organizations and publish a monthly calendar documenting all events;
  • Promote student involvement in and the establishment of different type of organizations;
  • Facilitate open communications between students, faculty, and administration; and
  • Promote and encourage the efficient and ethical operation of all organizations


President: Walid Nazari

Vice President: Brandon Davidson

Secretary: Sarah Elswick

Meeting Schedule

The Student Leadership Council meets the first Tuesday of every month.

Organization Advisors
Mr. Jason McGlothlin & Mr. Wade McGeorge