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ACP offers a sequence of courses designed to lead to a doctor of pharmacy degree which requires completion of at least 150 credit hours of course work, including approximately 1900 hours of experiential coursework. In addition, a student must obtain a cumulative grade point average of C or better in order to begin experiential rotations or to graduate.

The professional curriculum is intended to produce generalist pharmacists proficient in all professional and educational competencies as set forth in the College’s “Educational Outcomes and Competencies” statements. The curriculum will educate and develop the necessary knowledge and skills based on sound basic and clinical science, professional skills, attitudes, and values in a student-centered, cooperative active learning environment. Students will learn to integrate and apply these skills to the practice and advancement of the profession of pharmacy.

The basic outline of the curriculum is: 1) a foundational sciences component in which the majority of the basic biomedical sciences, pharmaceutics, social and behavioral sciences, jurisprudence, basic therapy and advanced pharmacotherapeutics, and electives are taught; and 2) the experiential curriculum which includes the Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice experiences, and the Pharmacists in the Community Service component (140 hours required but non-credit). The Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum is designed to be successfully completed in a three year program that runs through the calendar year. The curriculum is designed to deliver a combination of faculty delivered didactic lectures, student-centered, active learning and problem solving activities and experiential educational activities that emphasize the achievement of the professional competencies and outcome expectations of the curriculum.

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