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ACP Full Text Locator Tool


Appalachian College of Pharmacy Library licenses software that allows you to seamlessly

retrieve full text content licensed through the library, from PubMed and Google Scholar.

Visit ACP Library’s YouTube Channel to view brief video tutorials on how to configure

PubMed and Google Scholar to make use of this full text locator tool.

PubMed You may enable a feature in PubMed to connect directly from article citations to any

full text articles licensed through the library or to the library’s interlibrary loan form, if the full

text article is not licensed. Any link to PubMed listed on an ACP web page or library guide can

be clicked on which auto-enables the feature. Or you may bookmark this link for easy enabling

of the feature or view this brief video tutorial to learn how to configure your personal My NCBI

account in PubMed to enable the Outside Tool feature whenever you are signed into your My

NCBI account.

PubMed ACP’s Full Text E-Library can be selected as the preferred library collection when you search Google Scholar.

  • Go to Google Scholar Preferences.
  • In the Library Links section type Appalachian.
  • When the result is returned for Appalachian College of Pharmacy, check the box next to it.
  • Click the button Save Preferences at the top or bottom of the web page.

Please contact the library with any questions.