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PLS - Phi Lambda Sigma 

Pharmacy Leadership Society

Phi Lambda Sigma is a fraternity comprised of members that are actively involved in advancing the profession of pharmacy through leadership, professionalism, high moral and ethical character  and academic good standing.  

Nomination for membership emanates from the present members of the Society. Prospective members are nominated on the basis of their demonstration of dedication, service and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy. By promoting such recognition, Phi Lambda Sigma provides an incentive for the development of future leadership potential for the profession.


Please contact a current member for more information on Phi Lambda Sigma. 



 Trish Ho




Vice President

 Kristen Owens




 Kelsee Smith





 Jonathan Cook




PLS Mission, Goals, Objectives


To support pharmacy leadership commitment by recognizing leaders and fostering leadership development

Goal 1:

Ensure the continuing availability of student and practitioner leaders for the profession of pharmacy.

  1. Develop awareness of the continuing need for leaders in the profession of pharmacy
  2. Promote opportunities and rewards for leadership in the profession of pharmacy
  3. Motivate student pharmacists and pharmacists to accept leadership service opportunities
  4. Promote leadership research

Goal 2:

Acknowledge leadership achievement and award membership to leaders recommended by the Society

  1. Strengthen recognition of Phi Lambda Sigma as the leadership honor society in pharmacy
  2. Promote the national awareness and visibility of Phi Lambda Sigma by linking membership and leadership achievement
  3. Build a sound membership base of students, alumni, faculty, and honorary members.

Goal 3:

Enhance the talent, skill, and effectiveness of leaders for the profession of pharmacy

  1. Support and encourage programs and services to assist those who desire to serve in a leadership role

Goal 4:

Support and encourage sustained leadership commitment

  1. Ensure the continued utilization of the talents, skills, and experiences of existing leaders
  2. Reward students and practitioners who serve the profession in a sustained leadership role