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American Pharmacists Association--Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP): ACP Chapter


Apha Officer 2012 - 2013



Event: Student Outreach


The American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) Appalachian College of Pharmacy Chapter members strive to serve the rural and underserved communities in our country and throughout the world. APhA-ASP ACP Chapter commits to improve medication use and advance patient care by:

  • Providing a common thread between pharmacists, student pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Educating and influencing legislators, policy makes, regulators, and the public to advance our mission and vision.
  • Seeking continuous academic excellence and professional development at the highest standard.
  • Enhancing social and academic learning while developing character and citizenship skills.


  • To provide professional and medication related services to community members in and around Buchanan county and nationwide.
  • To provide the opportunity for professional growth within ACP students and faculty while promoting the future of pharmacy.
  • To create new standards of leadership, professionalism, membership and patient care.
  • To promote legislative advocacy among student pharmacists at ACP and nationwide.



Deena Kim, P2




Jason Chadwick, P1




officers_dpuckett.jpgVice President

Bliss Stratton, P2



APHA_-_Parekh_Shailey.JPGVice President-Elect

Balaji Sampathkumar, P1





Allison Megano, P2





Jason Sprouse, P1





Angelica Tran, P2





Amity Li, P1




Shane ViarsTreasurer

Shane Viars, P2




Kelsee SmithTreasurer-Elect

Kelsee Smith, P1




Katherine MullinsSpecial Events Coordinator

Katherine Mullins, P2



Anh Thu HoSpecial Events Coordinator-Elect

Trish Ho, P1



Johnrick PagaduanSPAN Liason

Johnrick Pagaduan, P2



Matthew LumSPAN Liason-Elect

Matthew Lum, P1



Candice SimpsonOperation Diabetes chair

Candice Simpson, P2



Amanda ElkinsOperation Diabetes chair-Elect

Amanda Elkins, P1



Jason ValentineOperation Heart chair

Jason Valentine, P2



Savannah HornOperation Heart chair-Elect

Savannah Horn, P1



Jenna PruittOperation Immunization chair

Jenna Pruitt, P2



Frances KingOperation Immunization chair-Elect

Cindy King, P1



Amanda HessOperation Self-care chair

Amanda Hess, P2



Kevin CarlsonOperation Self-care chair-Elect

Kevin Carlson, P1



Harry NguyenOperation Generation Rx-Elect

Harry Nguyen, P1