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Meeting Schedule

3rd Tuesday/month at Noon - (changes are TBA)
P2 breakout room @ 1st floor of the new Academic Bldg.

Upcoming Events

Jan 20th- Poison Prevention @ Vansant Food City 4-8PM


Feb 14th- Valentine's Day muffin madness bakesale & Giant Heart Candybox drawing


Feb 15th- AMPS meeting - Noon in P2 breakout room (2011 herbal seed distribution)


AMPS Constitution

Apothecary Medicinal Plant Society

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Apothecary Medicinal Plant Society is to unite the faculty, students, and staff of the Appalachian College of Pharmacy in order to foster an increase in awareness, knowledge, and understanding of medicinal plants and their properties and uses for health benefits. We will explore the roots of our profession as well as the multi-cultural traditions that use medicinal plants. We wish to share what we learn with each other, and with the community, in order to become better pharmacists and to provide a valuable informed outreach in this increasingly popular area of public health interest to promote better health outcomes in the Appalachian Region.


Membership in the Apothecary Medicinal Plant Society is open to all students of the Appalachian College of Pharmacy. Members of the faculty, staff, and alumni may also join as associate members.


Annually $25 or per semester $15


Poison Prevention is our focused outreach in addition to increasing awareness and understanding about medicinal plants and their uses for better health. We are sponsored with materials by Blue Ridge Poison Center in Charlottesville.

Current and Future Projects:

Nature walks - Appalachian native medicinal plants (Fall & Spring)

Qi gong lessons- Traditional Chinese Medicine/relaxation

Establish Medicinal Plant Garden at ACP

Satellite herb gardens: Buchanan Co. Public Library (2010-2011)

                                      Riverwalk- Downtown Grundy (2011)

                                      Nature trail by Buchanan General Hospital (future)

Posters on medicinal herbs & treatment of specific conditions

Poster Presentation/conference/competition (future)

Imagination Library  Basket Raffle Fundraiser (annual event)

Newsletter for Pharmacists reference on OTC Herbal s(Web based)

Cookbook- focus on Cultural Cuisines of other countries/ herbs

International Cuisine Cookout/Grill

Spring Retreat

Duck Race

Relay for Life



Donald Webb, P2 




 Mai_Phoebe.JPGVice President

Phoebe Mai, P2 




 Osborne_Jimmy.JPGChief Financial Officer

Jimmy Osborne, P2 





Lan Nguyen, P2 




 Tran_Jennifer.JPGCommittee Coordinator

Jennifer Tran, P2 




 APHA_-_Beltz_Ryan.JPGFaculty Liaison

Ryan Beltz, P2 




 Murphy_Johnathan.JPGProject Director

John Murphy, P2





Duc Nguyen, P2