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Student Affairs Office Resource and Contact Guide 

Enrollment Information
Verification of Enrollment
Experiential Education
General Information
Experiential Office Staff
Experiential Site Approval
Experiential Office Staff
Evaluation Forms Experiential Office Staff

Letter of Enrollment for Pharmacy Intern

Vickie Keene
Faculty Advisors to Student Organizations
Kappa Psi
Rho Chi
Phi Lambda Sigma
Shamly Abdelfattah
Filing Complaints, Grievances & Honor Violations
Filing a Complaint or Grievance
Where to File an Honor Violation
Grade Challenge
Syllabus for the Class
Report Harassment
Wade McGeorge or Other Administrator
Financial Resources
General Information
Student Affairs Office Staff
Scholarship Information
Student Affairs Office Staff
Certification of Funds
Holli Harman, Business Office
Year-end Tax Statement
Holli Harman, Business Office
Expense Reimbursements
Holli Harman, Business Office
Non-Routine Travel Forms
Holli Harman, Business
Deferement/Forbearance of Student Loans
Non-Routine Travel
Public Folders, Business Office
Reimbursement Form
Public Folders, Business Office
Student Organization Forms
Health Care/Insurance
Where can I go?
Buchanan Healthcare, LLC
ACP students are eligible for a 40%
  pay one time discount and will be seen within 24 hours. 

Local Health Insurance Agents

EJ Smith and Associates - David Smith - 847-564-3660

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield - Chris Mitchell - 276-935-8800

Local Clinics

Appalachian Family Care, (Inside Food City), 18765 Riverside Drive Vansant, VA 24656 (276) 935-2880


Stone Mountain Health Services, 10953 Riverside Drive Oakwood, VA 24631 (276) 498-1625


Keen Mt. Medical Clinic, U.S. Rt. 460 E, Keen Mt. VA (276) 498-3446


Tri State Clinic, 1520 Slate Creek Rd., Grundy VA 24614 (276) 935-6055


Family Care Center, 1109 Plaza Dr Grundy, VA 24614 (276) 935-2677

Kabaria Ramesh MD - 13430 Riverside Dr Fl 1, Oakwood - (276) 498-4571


The Clinic, One Clinic Drive, P.O. Box CVPI, Richlands, VA 24641 (276) 964-6771

 Local Hospitals

Buchanan General Hospital, Slate Creek Road, Grundy, Virginia 24614 (276) 935-1000


The Clinic, One Clinic Drive,  PO Box CVPI, Richlands, VA 24641 (276) 964-6771

Immunization Information
General Information Jason McGlothlin
Form Submission
Jason McGlothlin
Copier Support
ID Badges
Interlibrary Loan Library Department
IT Support IT Department
Library Database and Journal Outages Library Department
Literature Searches Library Department
Off-Campus Passwords to Library Databases and Journals IT Department
SONIS Pin Numbers IT Department
IT Department
PICS Program
General Information
Dr. Adam Farmer & Sharon Deel
PICS Activity Approval
Dr. Adam Farmer & Sharon Deel
Form Submission Dr. Adam Farmer & Sharon Deel
Student Counseling
Personal Counseling / Counseling Referral
Academic Counseling / Referral
Financial Aid Counseling Vickie Keene & Sherrie Baldwin
Student Organizations Procedures
How to Propose an Event
How to Schedule an Event
Proposal Submission
Faculty Advisor / Assistant Dean
Alcohol Policy
Student Tutors
Apply to be a Tutor
Wade McGeorge
Approval Time
Wade McGeorge
Submit Timesheets Wade McGeorge
Request a Tutor
Wade McGeorge
Student Volunteer Opportunities
Be a Student Interviewer
Wade McGeorge & Vickie Keene
Be a Student Advisor
Wade McGeorge
Transcripts & Grade Reports
Verification of Enrollment
Vickie Keene
Request Transcripts & Grade Reports
Vickie Keene
Parking Passes
Michael Deel
Campus Safety
Director of Safety
Michael Deel
Incident Reports
Michael Deel
Emergencies Call 911; Director of Safety

If you have any questions regarding services provided by the Student Affairs Office please contact any of the following individuals: