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Student Laptops

Incoming Class (2015) will be issued student laptops


The Appalachian College of Pharmacy (ACP) will issue laptop computers to students in the incoming Class of 2015.  The laptop will be issued on the first day of orientation and utilized through the entire educational program.  Computer software will be preinstalled and the computer will be preconfigured to work with the College's wireless network. Students need not purchase a laptop as it will be provided by the college.  The laptops issued to students will be supported by the Information Technology (IT) department and will be warranted for the three (3) years of the academic program.  All other types of equipment including computers owned by the student, ipads, android tablets, and cell phones will not be supported by the IT department or wireless network system. 

Additional information will be made available on the first day of orientation along with the ACP Computer Policy.