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ACP Students hold Poison Prevention Awareness night at Food City


Student members of the Appalachian College of Pharmacy’s  Apothecary Medicinal Plant Society (AMPS) held their 4th Poison Prevention Awareness Night at Food City in Vansant on Jan 20, 2011.  Poison Prevention is a regular community outreach program of AMPS.   The team counseled over 800 patients on Carbon Monoxide & Poison Ivy Safety.  Patients were also provided with information on how to contact the poison hot-line in case of accidental poisoning for adults, children, and pets.

Since last September AMPS has counseled over 2700 patients about dangers of accidental poisoning, strategies to prevent them, and safety precautions. Topics discussed include plants and household products, Over the Counter (OTC) medication side effects, child safety tips and the importance of reading information labels before every use.  AMPS would like to thank Frannie Minton and Food City for their generosity and commitment to helping AMPS put on this important community service program.


Photo (left to right); Hamid Sarani (AMPS Vice President), Joseph Ramsey, Sarah Ramsey, Jennifer Tran, Phoebe Mai, Soo Kim, Anh Lee, Katherine Blackburn (AMPS President), and Frannie Minton.