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ACP Students Attend Virginia Pharmacy/Legislative Day


On Wednesday, January 27, 2010, ACP students attended the annual Virginia Pharmacists Association (VPhA) Legislative Day event.  Legislative Day, which took place at the General Assembly Building in Richmond, Virginia, is an opportunity for student pharmacists to network with members of the Commonwealth House and Senate and promote issues related to pharmacy.   ACP students got the opportunity to informally meet with several Virginia delegates to discuss health-care and pharmacy-related issues, as well as specific issues Delegates are facing in their own districts.  ACP students met with the Delegate Joseph P. Johnson, Delegate James “Will” Morefield and Delegate Harvey Morgan, in addition to staff members for Delegate Morgan and Delegate Anne Crockett-Stark. 

“I really enjoyed sitting with our local delegates in Richmond and discussing the current healthcare issues that are affecting the surrounding Appalachian region.  This opportunity has given me insight about how important healthcare is to everyone, especially to persons that are not even a part of the healthcare field.  The experience that I gained while visiting the House of Delegates and participating in the Health Fair on Legislative Day will be only better me as a professional and pharmacist”, said Benjamin Nyboer, a P1 student who attended the event.

ACP students, along with students from other Virginia pharmacy schools, also participated in blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes screenings as part of the Health Fair held on the first floor of the General Assembly Building. 
The students who attended the event were: Saumil Vaghela (P3), Nnamdi Ezenyi (P2), Adam Sanders (P2), Kyla Holmes (P2), Benjamin Nyboer (P1), Daniel Puckett (P1); Katherine Blackburn (P1), Danny Neeley (P1) and Jonathan Troup (P1).  ACP was also represented by faculty members Dr. Holly Hurley, VPhA chapter advisor, and Dr. Michael Lee, Assistant Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs.

"We were so fortunate to have had the opportunity to discuss pharmacy issues and bills with the state legislators and demonstrate the kinds of innovative healthcare services that pharmacists are providing across the Commonwealth of Virginia”, said Dr. Hurley.

pharm day_clip_image002_0000.jpgFront (L to R): Katherine Blackburn, Saumil Vaghela, Daniel Puckett, Benjamin Nyboer and Kyla Holmes
Back (L to R): Nnamdi Ezenyi, Jonathan Troup, Adam Sanders and Danny Neeley









pharm day_clip_image002_0001.jpgL to R: Jonathan Troup, Katherine Blackburn, Daniel Puckett, Delegate Will Morefield, Kyla Holmes and Benjamin Nyboer