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Personal Laptop Use

Minimum Requirements 

All incoming students must have a laptop that meets the following minimum requirements: TOSHIBA laptops are not recommended as they are not all compatible with the college's network. 


1 gigahertz (GHz) processor or higher

Memory (RAM)

2 or 4 GigaBytes or higher

Hard Drive

120GB or higher


CD re-writable and DVD readable


USB capable


WPA/PEAP a/b/g capable


Adobe Reader 8 or higher (Free download at
Internet Explorer 8or Firefox 2 or higher (Free at or
Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)(Not provided by the College)

Operating System

Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS 10 or higher

Wireless Access

 To connect to the network, you must have a wireless adapter in your laptop. The adapter must use either 802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g to establish a connection.

The network name is "ACP" and it is encrypted with a password that changes each semester, which you will receive in your e-mail. You will also be given a unique username and password during orientation that you must use to connect.

Anti-Virus Protection

Your computer must have an anti-virus program installed with updated virus definitions. If your computer is suspected to be infected with any malicious program your account will be suspended immediately and your computer must be inspected by the college IT department before it will be allowed back on the network.

Local Internet Providers

 Below is a list of some internet providers for the area. This list is not comprehensive, and high speed access is not available in all areas. Please contact the provider for details.

Time Warner Cable
Verizon Avenue