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Copier use is for academic purposes only, and all copiers require a personal identification number (PIN). The college limits the number of copies you can make per semester and a charge will be added to the students account for any overage.

On Campus Dialing Instructions

On-Campus Calls

  • Enter the extension only. 
  • For a campus directory, please refer to the Contact Us page or your printed copy of the Student Technology Guide.

Local Calls

  • Enter 9 + the local number
  • Local calls include the following prefixes: 244, 259, 498, 530, 531,566, 597, 859, 873, 935, and 991.

Long Distance Calls
Phones in public areas such as lounges can only be used for local and toll free numbers. If you need to use a public phone to make a long distance call, you must use a calling card.