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Do I have to own a laptop?
Yes, you must bring a laptop that meets the minimum specifications provided.

What do I need to connect to the network?
You will need a laptop that has an Ethernet connector and a Category 5 cable, or wireless capability. All of these are available at most retailers.

What type of laptop do I need to connect to the network?
Your laptop will need to have either Microsoft Professional 2000, XP, or Vista. You may also use Macintosh as long as it is capable of utilizing the TCP/IP protocol. All laptops will need to have the latest version of Internet Explorer to properly access Intranet programs.

Does the College have a wireless network?
Yes. Click here for connection instructions.

Can I access my email from home?
Yes. You can access it through Outlook Web Access.

Can I dial in directly to the college with my modem?

Can I print from my laptop?
Yes. Click here for details.

Do I need any special software?
You will need the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office 2003.

Is there a copier I can use while on campus?
Yes. There is a copier in each library.

Does ACP have a policy on using computers and the network?
Yes. The details can be found in your Student Handbook