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UACP's Graduates Fulfilling the College's Mission to Serve


grad-image1.jpgUniversity of Appalachia College of Pharmacy (UACP) announces its placement rate with the first graduating class. UACP awarded 67 Doctor of Pharmacy Degrees in May 2008. Of the 67 graduates, 53 graduates of UACP’s charter class, or 79%, have accepted jobs in the Appalachia Region, as defined by the Appalachia Regional Commission. Frank Kilgore, Chairman of Board of Trustee of UACP, stated that “having 53 graduates accepting jobs in the central Appalachia Region will improve health care.” Kilgore added, “The school’s mission was to provide health care for the citizens of the central Appalachia Region and this furthers that mission.” 
Fifty-four graduates have accepted jobs at community pharmacies with 1 graduate participating in a residency program, 11 graduate have accepted jobs at hospitals with 2 graduates continuing with a hospital residency program, and 1 graduate has accepted a job at an academic setting. Furthermore, of those that have accepted jobs at community pharmacies, the placement by company is as follows:

  • CVS: 6
  • Target: 1
  • Food City: 3
  • Walgreens: 7
  • Kroger: 4
  • Wal-Mart: 9
  • Rite-Aid: 9
  • Independent: 12

Terry Kilgore, Dean of Institutional Advancement of UACP, stated “two months after graduation UACP has a 98% placement rate, this is an accomplishment not only for the school, but for our region.” Kilgore added, “Our faculty and staff really stepped-up to the plate and made sure that this first graduating class was successful. I commend our Dean, Sue Cantrell, the entire faculty and staff, and the community for making this announcement possible.”

Dean Sue Cantrell stated “Our mission of serving communities in the Appalachia Region is being fulfilled. We are very excited about the roles that our pharmacy students will play in empowering health care in our area.”