Cost of Attendance

To best prepare you for your experience at Appalachian College of Pharmacy, we’ve created this estimated cost of attendance to help you calculate expenditures. Actual costs may vary from student to student, but this guide should help you focus on the path ahead. Please note these expenses are in addition to tuition and fees, which differ depending upon the student’s academic level, i.e., P1, P2, or P3 (see Tuition and Fees for the current year’s costs).

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ExpensePer MonthPer Year
Total Monthly Expenses$1,875/month$22,500

The 2019-2020 Cost of Attendance $7,500 per term (minus the government fees deducted prior to disbursement)  for a first year student is based on two terms of enrollment (fall and spring). However, a second and third year students’ Cost of Attendance covers three terms or a full year of enrollment (summer, fall and spring).

In addition to Cost of Attendance (COA), the following fees are not included as components of tuition and fees for ACP and are the financial responsibility of the student:

Health Insurance – required for matriculation, class attendance, and clinical rotations. Health Insurance costs vary depending upon a student’s age, health condition, and type of insurance plan.

Background Checks – the first background check is required prior to matriculation. A second background check is required at the end of the P1 year for clinical rotations. Additional background checks may be required for the P3 APPE clinical rotations. Some clinical rotation sites require a background check to be completed within 30 days of beginning that rotation.

Drug Screens – a drug screen will be required prior to beginning clinical rotations. Some clinical rotation sites require a drug screen to be conducted within 30 days of beginning that rotation.

Physical Exam – a physical exam may be required prior to beginning clinical rotations. Some clinical rotation sites may require a physical exam to be completed within the year prior to beginning that rotation.

Immunizations – immunizations are required by the College and by clinical rotations sites. Immunizations must be completed and up to date prior to beginning clinical rotations.

CPR certification – CPR is required to maintain APhA’s Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery Certification permitting student pharmacists to give vaccinations. In addition CPR may be required for experiential rotations.

Required on-line certifications and training – OSHA training, HIPAA training and other certifications and training may be required by clinical rotation sites.

Any additional requirement or expense incurred to attend rotation sites, including, but NOT limited to transportation, lodging, meals, etc.